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Quincy High School Message Board

Back in March 2010 we received a request form Quincy High School and Principal Frank C. Santoro. they were looking for donations to help ease in the cost of an electronic message board for the new complex. This new message board would display announcements and important information through a most modern approach. It would also enhance the courtyard appearance as well as keep the community informed.

We at the Scott Mattson Memorial Fund thought it would be a great opportunity to keep Scotty’s name alive and give back to his community. We gave a generous contribution towards the message board and in doing so, Quincy High School was able to purchase the board. Without the support of our yearly fundraisers from friends and family, opportunities like this would not be possible. We thank everyone for helping to keep Scotty’s memory alive.

In April 2011, a dedication ceremony was held outside the Quincy High School and acknowledged all the donors.  A dedication plaque is now affixed under the board in honor of all who donated and made this possible for the community.